Rescue a drowning leader

What does it look like when a leader is drowning and needs to be rescued?  Have you ever been overwhelmed and didn’t want to share this fact with your supervisor? Sometimes it’s hard to spot.  If you are the one drowning, you know it.  How can you keep your head above water, or help those you lead stay stay afloat when the tide of work rises?

red_life_buoy_on_wooden_wall_background_padfolioMy favorite tool for leaders who are feeling overwhelmed and paralyzed with the amount of work on their plate is the “Sticky Note” exercise or “Brain Dump”.  This is the best 45-60 minutes you can spend to get a handle on the work and clear your mind of all the worries.

This link to my website coaching page has the instructions for the “sticky note” exercise that will enlighten you and end with a realistic plan to get the most important things done.   I have helped numerous leaders dig out from leadership quicksand in one telephonic coaching call using this tool.   Arm yourself with a pack of good sticky notes to write everything down that you do or need to do and have a large surface to arrange,  categorize, prioritize and schedule what is most important to you and your success.  You can do it on your own or with a trusted coworker or supervisor.  The important thing is to DO IT.  Time spent thinking and planning will put you on the right track in doing the right things at the right time and give you peace of mind that you haven’t forgotten something.

Thanks for reading my blog!  Happy thinking, planning, doing!


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